‘Tis the Season (but not the one you think)

It’s not quite yet the season to be jolly (although we’ve seen holiday decorations going up around Michigan Avenue this week). It’s the season to be terrified, also known as Health Insurance Open Enrollment.

If you, like me, are lucky enough to have survived a health crisis, you also carry the baggage of a Pre-Existing Condition, which pretty much guarantees that your carrier is going to cancel your current plan and offer you something much less favorable for the year ahead. To top it off, you get to experience the discovery of these  depressing new terms by combing through a bunch of fine print that was written by a group of sadists.

Fortunately, there is help. The guys at Gizmo Health are experts at uncovering viable options and guiding you through the application and procurement process. Call them up at 312-884-5150, or check out their services at gizmohealth.com.

Ask for Chris or Kevin and tell them we sent you. Here’s to these guys, and to your good health.

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