Small Might Be Better

My former Leo Burnett colleague, Jamie King and his agency Camp+King just won the global Energizer business in a pitch against a bunch of big agencies. Among the reasons cited for selecting C+K over several large shops, Energizer Chief Consumer Officer Michelle Atkinson said “”we were looking for somebody who could be a smaller partner with a smaller team, with people who were fully integrated across our business, who could be more agile and nimble…With Camp & King, when we meet with them, we have all those people in one room and have one conversation.” Congratulations Jamie. Very smart of Energizer.

If I were on the client side here are a ten more reasons that I might seriously consider  working with a smaller agency.

  • Small means the owners will be in the meeting and very close to decisions that matter
  • Small means your agency will tell the truth
  • Small means not paying for big overhead
  • Small is decisive with fast adjustments.
  • Small can think very big
  • Small can allocate the mix based on what’s right for the business, not an agency or holding company agenda
  • Small means you can outsource the right people for the right job at a moment’s notice
  • Small has a small ego
  • Small puts you in control
  • Small is proudly accountable

We’re still working on the cocktail party cred piece.

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