It’s Not All Nude Sunbathing and Unicorns


This guy I play squash with said “man, it must be great to have your own business…you can do whatever you want.” THAT got me to thinking. Well, it’s sort of true because I get to squash on time a couple of evenings a week. I don’t travel a ton (amen). I can pretty much say whatever I want. Sometimes I make dinner for Sharon. And last month I even Swiffered the floors.

Okay I made that last one up.

Any fellow entrepreneurs out there? How about this for a depiction of the entrepreneurial mindset? (sharing credit to former LB colleague Lane Soelberg, now of LA).

As they used to say in the retail business…the trick is to raise the peaks and that’ll lift the valleys. But don’t get too high. Or too low. Onward.