Our company was founded on the belief that stripping away agency bureaucracy and overhead is the most direct and effective way to help our clients achieve their goals. As we enter our eighth year in business, we have collected plenty of proof that our model works. By combining proven strategic discipline with new and more efficient media targeting opportunities, and focused teams to ensure flawless execution, we have helped our partners in Healthcare, Finance, Hospitality, Publishing, Education, and Technology build their businesses. We have also developed a specialty in helping not-for-profit organizations use marketing techniques to exceed their fundraising goals.

Our studio business model allows us to deliver top-notch talent and services to every business, tailored to fit your needs as they change. We can choose from a bench of over 200 professionals, from media experts to strategic planners, writers to graphic designers and the top production people. We find this focus on your business in the moment creates a more dynamic and collaborative working relationship. It also ensures that you only pay for the right expertise, in the right measure at the right time.

About Canteen Communications