We believe in doing good by helping those that do good.

We have helped numerous nonprofits transform their fundraising efforts by applying the fundamental lessons learned from our years in the advertising business. Combining strategic discipline and then taking a creative leap to evoke an emotional response has been a proven formula for success.

We’ve learned that stripping away agency bureaucracy and overhead allows us to deliver top-notch talent and services to nonprofit organizations that previously did not have access to big agency resources. We choose from a bench of over 200 professionals, from media experts to researchers, strategic planners, writers to graphic designers and the top production people. A lean, knowledgable team creates a more dynamic and collaborative working relationship —and ensures that you only pay for the right expertise, in the right measure at the right time. This formula has proven successful for our for-profit clients, but it’s a particular advantage for our friends in the not-for-profit world.

Rob Conrad and Clay Purdy announce the publication of their new book,
Inspiring Generosity: Marketing Techniques for Fundraising Visionaries.
This anecdote-filled book shows how strategic discipline, fueled by consumer insight and a smart digital media plan can help any not-for-profit enterprise ignite its fundraising activities, broaden its donor base for the future, and turn contributors into an enthusiastic fan base.

“Inspiring Generosity” should be mandatory reading for non-profit staffs and boards…a valuable guide for anyone seeking to achieve today’s best practices in their fundraising activities.”
-Fundraising Expert, Phil Smith, Founder and CEO, CAPTEL, Washington, DC