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Two Ad Pros Share Their Secrets for Boosting Fundraising Results by Applying Proven Brand Marketing Principles to Not-for Profits.

Rob Conrad and Clay Purdy announce the publication of their new book,
Inspiring Generosity: Marketing Techniques for Fundraising Visionaries.
This anecdote-filled book shows how strategic discipline, fueled by consumer insight and a smart digital media plan can help any not-for-profit enterprise ignite its fundraising activities, broaden its donor base for the future, and turn contributors into an enthusiastic fan base.

“Inspiring Generosity” should be mandatory reading for non-profit staffs and boards…a valuable guide for anyone seeking to achieve today’s best practices in their fundraising activities.”
-Fundraising Expert, Phil Smith, Founder and CEO, CAPTEL, Washington, DC

Conrad and Purdy are the founders of Canteen Communications, a Chicago-based marketing services company dedicated to growing their clients’ businesses while contributing to the common good.

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