Rob Conrad and Clay Purdy announce the publication of their new book,
Inspiring Generosity: Marketing Techniques for Fundraising Visionaries.
This anecdote-filled book shows how strategic discipline, fueled by consumer insight and a smart digital media plan can help any not-for-profit enterprise ignite its fundraising activities, broaden its donor base for the future, and turn contributors into an enthusiastic fan base.

“Inspiring Generosity” should be mandatory reading for non-profit staffs and boards…a valuable guide for anyone seeking to achieve today’s best practices in their fundraising activities.”

-Fundraising Expert, Phil Smith, Founder and CEO, CAPTEL, Washington, DC

Our company was founded on the belief that stripping away agency bureaucracy and overhead is the most direct and effective way to help our clients achieve their goals. As we enter our eighth year in business, we have collected plenty of proof that our model works. By combining proven strategic discipline with new and more efficient media targeting opportunities, and focused teams to ensure flawless execution, we have helped our partners in Healthcare, Finance, Hospitality, Publishing, Education, and Technology build their businesses. We have also developed a specialty in helping not-for-profit organizations use marketing techniques to exceed their fundraising goals.