‘Tis the Season (but not the one you think)

It’s not quite yet the season to be jolly (although we’ve seen holiday decorations going up around Michigan Avenue this week). It’s the season to be terrified, also known as Health Insurance Open Enrollment. If you, like me, are lucky enough to have survived a health crisis, you also carry the baggage of a Pre-Existing… Read More

Is Your Mind Made Up?

This piece on the Bloomberg newsfeed caught our eye because of the cool animated graphics. It visually lays out the timeline and process Americans go through to create and solidify social change. They tracked several landmark issues — interracial marriage, prohibition, women’s suffrage, abortion, same-sex marriage, and recreational marijuana — from trigger point to gradual… Read More

The Innovators

Fascinating book from Walter Isaacson.  An indispensable guide to how innovation really happens. Two historic innovations that caused computers to revolutionize how we live:  microchips that allowed computers to be small enough to be personal appliances, and packet-switched networks allowed computers to be connected to nodes on a web. The merger of the personal computer… Read More